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The wool is carefully selected from all over the world for its less pilling and more comfortable feel, and we felted only with pure water from Mt. Yatsugatake and olive laurel soap. The whole process is handmade, which gives the felt a more gentle softness and a warmer feeling than the other felt products made by machine or chemicals. The outsole is made of shiny and soft Italian leather with a well-balanced anti-slip coating, hand-stitched one by one.

Wool felted shoes can be worn barefoot comfortably not only in the middle of winter but also in other seasons.


Size: 13cm - 19cm in 1cm increments.

Colour: natural black * with a slight dark brown tinge.


    Light grey


    Dark grey

    Grey brown

    White * A little wool of other colours will be mixed in.

Photo : dark grey, beige, light grey

Wool felted ankle boots for child

VAT Included
  • 《Material》

    ◯ Wool: 100% wool from Lithuania

    ◯ Outsole: Italian leather

    (YANKEE, Berry)

    Non-slip (front): Urethane foam material

    Non-slip (heel): Natural rubber