We carefully selected wool that does not easily become pills and is soft to the touch from among the many in the world, and made it felt with only water and olive laurel soap. The whole process is handmade, and you will feel the softness and warmth that is gentler than the felt products made by machines and chemicals. The outsole is made of natural rubber, which is a natural material with excellent grip and flexibility, and is hand-sewn one by one. Especially recommended in the cold winter.

Size: 24cm

Color: light gray

Wool felted room shoes / Dark grey, 24cm

VAT Included
  • 《Material》

    ◯ Wool: 100% wool from Lithuania

    ◯ Outsole: Natural rubber (black) Natural latex 100%

  • << Precautions for use >>

    -Designed for indoor use on flooring, carpets, and tiles. Please do not use it for outside wear.

    ・ Some excess wool may adhere to socks at the beginning of use, but after using it for a while, the fabric will not settle down.