Hemskor's top-quality room shoes are made with the utmost care in every detail: material, design, manufacturing method, and comfort.

The heel part can be folded forward and worn like a slipper.


<Characteristic 1> High quality materials

 All parts of this gorgeous, high-quality room shoe are made of carefully selected tanned leather, and the entire process is handmade. You can enjoy the color and texture of the natural material as it changes over time. These shoes are perfect for daily use in your room, as well as for work or for guests, as they have a special dignity.


<Characteristic 2> Unique manufacturing method "Hem Crossing Method”

※Hem Crossing method : Design Patent Pending in Japan

 This is an eccentric and innovative original manufacturing method, in which the sewing line of the lining by the sewing machine is on the back side of the foot, because we designed a structure that wraps the foot with one piece of leather as the highest priority. Although a nube-leather insole is inserted, even without the insole, we tried to make it so that you do not feel the stitches.


<Characteristic 3> Smart design

 With a symmetric structure that does not determine the right or left foot, and a smart yet easy-to-wear design, you can put on and take off your shoes without worrying about the left or right foot. Also, since the brand mark is imprinted on the insole of one foot, you can enjoy wearing the shoes in a way that allows your feet to grow accustomed to them by daring to choose the left or right foot.

Leather room shoes / dark orange

VAT Included
  • 《Materials》



    ●Outer: goat leather

    France, ALRAN : "Liege Main"

    (A traditional tannery with a long history, established in 1903 in Mazame, southern France. The company produces high-quality goat leather, following the tradition of vegetable-tanning of goatskin.


    ●Lining: sheep leather

    France, RAYNAUD jeune "Full vegetable soft lining leather"

    (A historical tannery established in 1928 in Mazame in the south of France. The company specializes in vegetable-tanned leather for insoles and linings. It is one of the innovative collections that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.



    〇Outsole material: cow leather

    Japan, Tatsuno " Oil Leather"

    Himeji and Tatsuno have been active in the leather industry for long times, and there are many experienced tanneries that have been in business for generations, each with their own specialties and techniques.

    This sole is made by tannin-tanned leather using a natural manufacturing method, and by adding oil to the leather, the robustness, flexibility, and stain resistance are greatly improved. It also has a moderate anti-slip effect and a soundproofing effect, making it a very high-quality and best suitable sole material for room shoes.



    〇Cushioning material: urethane foam

    The entire sole is covered with urethane foam that provides moderate cushioning.



    〇Insole: cow leather

    Italy, YANKEE "Berry"

    A flexible, full-vegetable tanned cow leather. It absorbs moisture, has a fine quality feel, and fits your feet well. Replacement insoles are available upon request.