Hemskor's original card case made from the surplus leather of room shoes.

Even though it is a surplus leather, we aimed to create a high-quality card case with high-quality leather (mainly cows, sheep, and goats) selected. In addition to the photo sample, various colors are available. We also accept minor customizations and engraving of desired alphanumeric characters to the extent possible.

An antifouling coat and care wax are applied to the final finish. It is a product that has been carefully manufactured from the leather cutting to the whole process by hand, taking time and effort.

Card case

VAT Included
  • Vertical length: Approximately 80 mm

    Width: Approximately 110 mm

  • First of all, please let us know the atmosphere (type) and color of the leather you want.

    We will reply to you after confirming that the material is in stock.

    Example: "Brown with a smooth surface", "Red soft goat leather with fine wrinkles on the surface", etc.

    We will also contact you regarding the delivery date.