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The "Hem (Hem here means leather edge) rolling method", in which a single piece of eco-leather is rolled around one and a half times and cushioning material is inserted between the leather, has resulted in the most innovative slippers we have ever seen.

※Hem rolling method : Design Patent Pending in Japan


<Characteristic ①> Special material

We used eco-leather (Cow), which has a suitable thickness and hardness, and also has a luxurious gloss. This leather meets the three requirements of "consumer safety and health", "environmental protection in the manufacturing process" and "consideration for disposal and recycling", and it is a new age leather, certified according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. These shoes are perfect for everyday use, in the office or as a guest shoe.


<Characteristic ②> Original manufacturing method "Hem rolling method"

A single piece of leather is used to design a structure that truly wraps the foot. The leather is cut by craftsman's hand with a leather knife instead of using a machine to press the leather, and the hand-sewing is done without using a sewing machine at all, so it is completely handmade without using electric power all the time along with the use of eco-leather.


<Characteristic③> Smart and symmetric design

The symmetric design of the shoe allows you to put on and take off your shoes without worrying about the right or left foot. In addition, the symmetrical direction in which the leather is wrapped allows you to wear the shoe on the right foot or the left foot, so that your feet can grow accustomed to it.

Eco leather slippers / natural

VAT Included
  • 《Material》

    ◯ Cowhide (Nume leather): Ecotex 100 standard certification

    Manufacture: Japan "Tatsuno Leather"

    2colors: Black, generated (undyed)

    ◯ Cushion material: Urethane foam material (removable)