Features of Wool Felted Indoor Shoes

One of Hemskor's main products is the wool felted room shoe.

Surprisingly, wool is considered to be the "king of natural fibres".

The main characteristics of wool are as follows.

・ 100% natural fiber

・ 100% biodegradable

・ 100% renewable

・ Less likely to wrinkle

・ Innovative fashion materials

・ Thermal insulation

・ Soundproof

・ Natural moisture absorbing and releasing property

・ Warm in winter and cool in summer (low thermal conductivity and excellent heat retention)

・ Water repellency (repellent water but absorbs it)

・ Antifouling property

・ Deodorant function

・ Natural elasticity

・ Easy to care for

・ Stain resistance

・ The most recycled fiber

・ Flame retardance

・ UV protection

・ Excellent durability

・ Easy to dye and has good color retention

・ Anti-static

・ rich in shape memory and highly elastic

・ Sustainable

Such Wool felted room shoes that are made of compressed wool fibres are very functional and comfortable. They are best ideal for winter, but can also be worn with barefoot comfortably and stylishly outside of winter.

Also, Hemskor's wool felted room shoes are handmade with great care and attention to the type of wool, the sole material, the manufacturing method and the design, so they are exceptionally comfortable.