European Mountain Sheep

The wool used by Hemskor is 100% European Mountain Sheep, all in natural colors.

[Grey, light grey, dark grey, grey-brown, brown, natural white, beige, light beige and natural black]

These natural colored wools are taken from sheep of various colors that live in the mountainous areas of the European Alps (Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy) at altitudes of around 2000 meters.

It is characterized by a wool that is thicker, stronger and warmer, more resistant to friction, less pilling, less likely to lose its shape than the most famous Australian and New Zealand merino wools, and (even though it is thicker than merino wool) less itchy on bare feet. In fact, it is the best wool for felted shoes.

The colors are natural and therefore not dyed at all. For example, the light grey color is a mixture of white and grey wool. The blending of these natural colors is done without any dyes or chemicals, just water and a carding machine (like a brush to set the fibers).

This undyed wool is also gently washed with water and olive soap during the production process, which does not change the structure of the wool fibers, thus maintaining the highest level of natural quality. In addition, because the wool is not carbonized at high temperatures to remove dust, and no aggressive chemicals, acids or bleaches are used, the wool fibers may rarely contain a slight amount of organic matter such as straw or dry grass.

Our goal is to use the best wool to make high quality items. We have been searching for a long time to find a wool for felting that is strong, durable and flexible enough to be used in a wide variety of wools in the world, and this wool is an excellent material that matches our standards.