Our Passion

Hemskor is a Swedish word, Hem means Home and skor means shoes.

In other words, Hemskor is a shoe brand that specializes in "indoor shoes" such as room shoes and slippers.

Generally speaking, when it comes to room shoes(indoor shoes), the image of cheap consumables comes first, but Hemskor designs and produces high-class indoor shoes with a clear distinction.

With our basic theme of "natural and sustainable" as much as possible, we use only the best materials for each pair of shoes, and with ingenious original simple design and innovative original manufacturing methods, we hope to open up new possibilities for indoor shoes, each pair is handmade with care and attention to detail.

Our permanent concept is to make indoor shoes that can be worn for a long time in relaxed and comfortable way, without being affected by trends.
We would be more happy if you could experience Hemskor at home, with your guests or in the office, and if we could make your life a little more enjoyable and enriching.


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