How to care

《In the case of natural leather》

・The color of natural leather may fade or transfer to socks or other clothing due to sweat moisture and friction.
・ When storing, please remove any dirt and keep it in the shaded and well-ventilated place. 
If it is stored dirty, it may cause discoloration or mold.
・ The color may change if exposed to sunlight or light for a long time.
・ For cleaning, please use a suitable cream or cleaner that matches the material. When cleaning
, please use it after trying it on an inconspicuous part such as the inside of shoes.

Depending on the material, it may cause discoloration.

・ Hemskor original care wax is recommended.
A soft, dry, clean cloth can be used to remove simple stains.

After that, apply to spread the wax to the leather thinly, and polish and coat it with a brush etc.

The effects of moisturizing, anti-staining, and gloss are enhanced.

《In the case of wool felt》
・ Wool is not only light and warm, but also very breathable and hygroscopic. 
A comfortable environment is maintained inside the shoes, and it can be used in even out of winter season.

It also has high antifouling properties and feels good to wear barefoot.

・If you want to wash after long-term use, you can wash it with water or lukewarm water.

But if you rub the dough strongly, it may become more felt and shrink.

・ Please refrain from using chemical detergents such as bleach or fabric softener.

・ After washing, when naturally drying, please shape as much as possible before drying in the shade.

It takes time to dry completely, but a two-minute spin in the dehydrator will speed up the drying process.

・Due to the nature of using 100% wool, pilling may occur on the surface in rare cases.

If you are concerned, please remove it gently with scissors.

・ When storing, it seems good to add an insect repellent to avoid the eating.